Sunday, September 11, 2011

When Alcohol Speaks ;)

1. Just 3 pegs down dude, I am not drunk !

2. I will drive, you just shut up and take the "driver's seat" :P

3. Today I will tell her that I love her. (But I will call from your cell, not because I am running out of balance, but because I want to call her from an unknown number)

4. I can die for you my buddy

5. Don't you think we will need more? I still feel absolutely normal.

6. I am paying the bill. Money is not important, you are. (After looking at the bill) - Only because you are insisting, but next time, it's my turn !

7. I never get high, you wanna bet?

8. This is my last peg . I will quit from tomorrow. I swear.

9. Do you think she loves me?

10. When I drink, I love everybody. :D


  1. hahahahahahahaahha..but dnt you think this happens only with the happy after i am drunk kind of men?Or the philosophical...
    dont forget the dancing with lungi on my head type of drunkards outside local toddy shops :P
    Great Job!

  2. You're posts make me want to drink :P

  3. @Red - "Happy-after-I-am-drunk" are still easy to deal with. But philosophical? grrr..No comments ! They just don't shut up :S

    @Soumya - You just need a reason :P

  4. At least u shouldnt wen there are creatures like me around ! :P

  5. Well written and the ending is perfect!

  6. Hey, welcome to my space :) And Thanks! :)