Monday, March 4, 2013

The other aspect of Life.

Again, long time huh? :) I went through the blogs of all my dear follower friends, and was saddened to see, that, like me, most of them have not updated their blog. Well, they might have their reasons, just like I have my own. Chintan, if you ever read this, please add me to your invited readers' list. I am a huge fan of your articles. But sadly, I guess it is now open for invited readers only. I am trying since 1 month, but I have no idea how to contact you. Mirage, drag that asshole to the court for copying your contents :D  Aliza jee, add in your invited reader's list, NOW! :(. TOSM, if you ask me, you still are "very much you" :). RED, God doesn't have ego clashes :P prey! :) And yes, fill your cavity! And last, but certainly not least, my dear Soumya (Hope you don't get offended by the "dear" word now) :), I loved your Honest posts. I Wish you and Cal live a happy life ever after!

I didn't go to office for two days. I wasn't feeling like. There is nothing/no one in the office that motivates me to go. The concept of having office friends around after office hours is gradually diminishing. People here barely talk something other than work, let alone spending quality time after office hours. I have never lived my life like this, so it makes things difficult at times.

Flat shifting. Another cruel joke faith played on me. I was very much happy with my old fashioned but convenient flat. But thanks to my father's surprise visit. I hate surprise visits. Specially when they are from my parents. That So called sucky device called mobile started showing my mother's number at an ungodly hour of morning 5. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Is everything okay at home?" I prayed to God for the first time in my life. But alas, I should have prayed for myself instead. As soon as I picked the phone,  my mother shouted, "Beta, we are outside your flat. Please come down!". I literally went numb at that moment. I mean come on! This is not fair! I might have been awarded some world record for cleaning my flat in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which includes hiding all the underwear, shorts and other not-so-showable stuff, all the bear bottles, cigarrate packets, putting new bed sheets, spraying room with at least 2 full sized air fresheners and what not. Anyway, mother, being a women kind, was suspicious about the sudden freshener's fragrance in my flat. But since I am good with the words, that part went well.

One look at the flat and my father was like, "you can't live in here. End of the discussion. Period." I rebelled, gave my reasons of staying in that flat, but he was determinant. I hate his contacts and reputation. He made only ONE call and my new flat was arranged within 2 hours. No brokerage, No deposit. But now, instead of paying 7 grands, I will have to pay 10 grands. Well, it sucks. But considering that flat and locality, I guess it is worth it. Being a poor son of a rich father has its own advantages and disadvantages. I took 2 days leave from office, but my father shifted my luggage within 4 hours. Since he had some meeting to attend, my parents left on the same day. Since I wasn't feeling like going to office, for remaining 2 days, all I did was to wander in the city.

I went into the restricted areas of Mumbai. I went to Dharavi, the biggest slum area in Mumbai. At the entrance, there was one police constable who stopped me, saying that this locality is very dangerous. I just smiled and said, " I will manage". At the worst what could happen? Loot? Murder? My life is not that cheap that somebody can take it without my permission. And scariness? It's a feeling that I have abandoned long ago. When I am not afraid of death, I am certainly not afraid of anything else in this world. So I went to observe life. Life of the people who barely manage to live. Who don't care about these glorious flats in a 10 story buildings or locality. Whose only aim is to survive for the day. I went deep inside the slum area. I saw children who were hungry and diseased. Adults, who were carrying weapons, who have entered into the life of crime, because they tried so hard for an honest work but the fucking government can't even give them a job of 100 rs/day. I met with young women, whose husband/family forced them into the heinous job of prostitution. Their beauty, or even worse, their gender has now become their curse. But I observed one thing, at least they all looked happy and satisfied with their lives, no matter how hard it is for them to survive. Again, I just smiled. When I wander in the elegant and sophisticated localities, where people travel by Porsche or Mercedes, all I could see is depressed faces or fake smiles. They seem so irritated, stressed. That makes me think, can money really buy happiness? What about satisfaction? You can't buy it. It has to come from within.

We are so busy in finding the answers that we don't actually understand the questions.


  1. OKAY!!

    I knew that you were upset why I called you and asked you to remove that comment! You see, you and I share something wonderful. Its for you and me to understand, not the world. So its always better to avoid them, rather than give explanations. Right? I'm sorry if I offended you.

    Dear Manoj, you are and shall always be important to me. We have nothing to hide cos all we ever had was only friendship. You were the first one I called to invite for my wedding and I'm still waiting for the call to be returned! Sigh.

    Thank you for your best wishes, I know they always shall stay with me. And so will our friendship, if you manage to understand what I said then and why.

    I hope everything is alright with you. You know I'm here for you if you need anything or feel like talking. Take care.

  2. Soumya jee :) Yes, I was upset a bit, but as you said, we share something wonderful, which is not bound to expressions or PDAs. I do understand your restrictions. Sorry for being a jackass! And thank you so much for giving me that honer, it really means a lot. Well, I am very much aware about the due call. The reason I didn't call you was, I know you must be very busy with the preparations. I usually come home late night, so thought it's not a good idea to call you this late :) Anyway, will give you a call sometimes in the afternoon. Understand this my friend, whether I make it to your wedding or not, my prayers and wishes are always with you. Take care, lioness!

  3. Now hey!!! How art thou? Actually now I know how you are. I did visit your blog, I swear!! And thanku for remembering me sirjee!!!
    And 2 min 30 sec is for sure a record time!! and her jobs are bleh like that...but I pray u find your own share of fun away from it. And poor son f a rich father? hehe so cute that looks...I am sure the advantages override the disadvantages! U r self sufficient enough!
    and its true....Happiness is all that we truly strive for.

  4. RED jee :D I am doing well. Accha laga, you still remember me :) Not many updates from your side as well. Shadi waadi kar li kya? :P And thank you thank you. Aap dua karo, ek din to ho hi jaunga self sufficient :) Rest, all well? :)

    1. haaaaaaaaaaaawww....How dare u ask me about marriage. Not for another 3 yrs NO!! Sab theek hai this side of hell too :D

  5. The article gave me this Shantaram feel ..Do write often-er :)

  6. Hey Gitanjali :) Long time huh? How are you? Sorry for late reply. And damn hectic schedule. :( I still try ;)

  7. Hey

    I hope you are doing good.Its been a while huh..
    You have good parents there..:D

    You mentioned me in your blog,I just saw that ..Thanks a lot man..You are one of my fav blogger..I'm still very much me...Thanks for reminding me about that..

    You have written this so perfectly,with a blend of humor and reality..Money certainly cant buy happiness..

    Take care ..hope to see you update your blog tell us how are you doing there..

  8. TOSM !! :D I am doing well. Really glad to see you after such a long time. :) Thank you for the sugar comment. <3 <3 <3
    Umm.. Life is screwed up, as always. So not getting time to write things. But I will be back :) Keep in touch. Take care buddy.

  9. Where are youuuuu??? Come back to blogger...

  10. Hey, Few more days :) Miss you guys. But I am just stuck with something :( So Sorry. Thanks for remembering, my friend :)