Friday, January 1, 2010

My Team..!!!

Well,its high time I should talk about the people I have been working with.. :)

1.My Manager--xyz

aww..less said about him,the better :(

2.My Team Leader-Sidharth Singh

If you have any preconvinced notions about the creature team leader who always sue onto his teammates and is only there in order to get task accomplished then meet sidharth singh..!!One of the most influential persons in my life.He is a man everyone aspires to be..!!
He is my mentor,my adviser,my matter which role he plays,you feel so comfortable with him.Its not only me but everyone in the team admires his nature.I havn't seen even a single person talking negative about him.Despite being so cool and bindast,he has the ability to keep us on the track about our deadlines.He is very well organized about what he does.If you have frustration about your work,talk to him..if you have something to share,talk to him,If you need any advice..yes Virginia..!! talk to him..Having a vast experience in IT,he very well knows how to handle situtations.There are countless things you can learn from him.Well,I am very proud to have him as my team leader.. :)

2.Priyanka Mishra

God..She is a chatter box..the only person who keeps our work environment alive.If she does not speak for a minute or two,u can bet something is very wrong :P.We call her AIR(All Ibm Radio) :) .you dont really need to talk to her to understand whats happening..her ever changing expressions explain it all :) Its really a great fun having her around. :) .

3.Somu Shabadi

Dis guy is so honest in relations that u literally get pulled towards him.A Damn good kidda person and very very down to earth.When work was at its peak,he was the only one who spent endless nights in office with me,helping me to solve issues,sometimes just for moral support.Even if it was my work,and he doesn't even need to be there,he stayed..getting equally involved into an issue with me.Buddy,You are one of the very few people in ibm I admire the most
Love u :)

4.Anandu Suri

This guy is an insane techie.No one can beat him in technical(at least as far as I know :))
Coding is his passion and he can not think anything else.He has a super power of remembering anything once heard or listened or watched..Gosh..Why Cant I be like him? :P.A very simple person who does very limited things but in very well manner.. :)

5.Kumar Varun

He joined our team very lately but I guess I never felt in that way.It seems as if he is with us since our first day.With a vast experience of more than 5 years,this guy can debate and discuss any topic under the sun. :) and the insight he brings in any issue is immense. After sid,he is the one I can always rely on for any kidda problems and queries.The way he explains things is so adorable.He taught me many things which I think I wud have never bothered to learn without having him.He is a walking encyclopedia for my higher studies related questions.All I can say is,he ROCKS..!!!

6.Swati Dubey

Well she is not actually in my sub-team but is a part of team. If she is there,I don't really have to worry about completing my process based tasks. :).Right from completing any on line training to sometimes feeling my ILC,she does all for me (and many times for the entire team.)She may act like a careless person but you will never know how quickly she learns things.She has a really sharp mind and a good quality of how to make herself presentable.She is very candid and is never afraid to speak her mind.She believes in enjoying every moment and is a bindast and ever smiling gal :)

7.Wasim Ansari

Well this guy is my lunch mate and one of d best people to hang out with.He usually doesn't speak much but when he does,he leaves no choice but to laugh.This guy is so comfortable to be with that if he is with you,you don't need anyone else for the company.A very down to earth person and my best buddy :)