Sunday, September 25, 2011

A committed loser :@

 "What do you know about girls dude, you are still single". A "committed" friend of mine was having heated argument with me about the most complicated creatures on the earth.  Those harsh words pierced through my feelings. It was I who helped him to fall in love. It was I who made it possible for them to be in love. And now the same guy was insulting and abusing me for not knowing anything about relationship.

Yes. I am single. But I understand the delicate heart of a girl way more than you losers who treat them as an object. To be single is my own choice. And for your information, I do not have bank-balance neither do I have stunning looks or any special talent. But girls still feel comfortable with me. Ever wondered why is that most beautiful and talented girls are ready to commit to a dumb like me? It's simple. They need someone who understands, supports and love them the way they are. Not male chauvinist pigs like you who proudly want to show the world that they have a girlfriend and who do not think anything other than sleeping with them. I am still single because I feel I should be in love only when I have the potential to keep my girl happy, to take care of that precious gem, be it in any sense. I don't give a damn about what world or suckers like you think of me. What do you feel so proud about? When your girlfriend expresses her concerns with me despite you being her lover, what have you earned in a relationship? You feel inferior to her because she is more talented, beautiful and earns more than you. So you ask her to quit her job. Is that all you have got, you asshole? Ever considered raising your standards instead of not torturing her on a daily basis? And you still have guts to provoke me ! You call me flirty. Yes I am ! But I never hurt a girl's feelings . I respect them the way I respect my mother. They too have a heart. In fact much more sensitive and caring than you guys. And not everyone is a bitch. Even a bitch has a heart that seeks respect. You taunt me for being virgin? I have had chances to sleep with them when you din even know how to talk to a girl. But I don't need labels just to prove you suckers that I can do it. And I am NOT afraid of commitment. I am just waiting for a proper time and a perfect person. How is that your business anyway? People like you are responsible for girls losing their faith in boys. If being in love means stalking your girlfriend, calling her at midnight just to check whether she is on call with someone else, being jealous when she talks to some other guy, asking her to stop to meet her guy friends, calling her in front of a bunch of people and asking her to say "I love you" so that you can boast about it, not allowing her to wear short clothes just because she looks adorable and someone else might hit on her, and asking her to sacrifice her job because she earns more than you, then I am proud that I am not a committed loser !


  1. hmmm..something nice to hear from a guy,I think your gal would be the luckiest gal in the world to have you :):)and i seriously hate that type of guy,the losers who doesn't deserve to be in a relationship!!

    Take care and i started to like u and ur blog :D:D

    Smile always friend

  2. wooohooo !! Remain single man.! When u finally meet ur woman and you know she is the one, then letCupid do his thing!

  3. @TOSM - wow !! Hey, thanks for the compliment. It means a lot :). You made my evening, girl ! ;)

    @Red - One day, for sure ! ;) I just hope she shows up soon :D