Thursday, September 26, 2013

Senseless nonsense!

I want to hug you tightly. A little aggressively, may be. A hug that tells you how much I need you. You might resist, not because of the fear, but because of the inexpressible  nervousness. I want to feel that sweet aroma of your body, that washed and then slightly dried hair of yours, those silky lips wearing light colored gloss, and those eyes! How madly I am in love with your eyes. They have all the expressions. Of need, of love, of helplessness, of fear and of lust, too. You are like my alcohol. Giving me temporary pleasure but killing me from inside, slowly and sweetly. I know it and still I want you in my life. For a moment, I want you to forget everything and be a part of me, mentally and physically. Yes, love, when reached to its madness, doesn't stop on heart. It needs everything, flesh, bones and blood.

How does it feel to lose someone you truly care about? How does it feel to see eventually your love turning into hatred? How does it feel when someone who is world to you, betrays you right in front of your eyes? How does it feel to turn into a person who cannot feel anything anymore?

All my hatred, all my frustration, all my sadness, all my love fail to give my expressions that understandable form of words. The more I try to go back to my normal life, the more senseless my writing becomes. Everything is hidden beneath a mask. Everyone is confused. Some do not know when to start and some do not know how to start . At time, life doesn't make sense. 


  1. Life being senseless make sense :)
    The post is kinda sad but nicely written.. I hope whatever sadness envelopes you will just evaporates away
    Take care

  2. @Soumya - I don't know how to decipher that "hmm" of yours ;)

    @TOSM - Hey, thanks! It will :) you too, take care buddy :)

  3. Hatred is too much love, isnt it??

    Turning into a person who cannot feel anything is worse than death i guess.

    When is just a matter of time you know where as how is the real troublesome question

    C'mon life never make sense!!!!

  4. Aliza jee :) I hope I figure out "how" then ;) And true! Life never makes sense. :(