Sunday, April 25, 2010

20 Facts about me..!

1. I have the most ancient name and I still hate my grandmother for choosing it.

2. I hate it when I need to tell people that I have cracked a joke and they ought to laugh.(though a rare case)

3. Even though I know things will get worst if I don't take an action now, I like them to keep pending until my ass is on fire.

4.  I am obsessed with cleanliness syndrome. I don’t step in my bedroom if I find even a single dust particle. I clean my flat once in a day, no matter how tired I am.

5. My senses are abnormal (or extremely sharp, to put it in a sophisticated way!). I usually observe even the minute details of a person/things and can smell the things even from a mile. (yes, like a dog, as you may call it!)

6. By the time I quit my job, I will forget how to speak "No-Grammatical-Mistake" English..!

7. I am too childish at times and too mature at times. People normally get confused because of this extremity in my nature.

8. I am good at convincing people. (Specially girls, not a born skill, a learned one)

9. I usually spend my "hard-earned" money on the most useless things in the world. Then I regret it and then I do it again.

10. I can be romantic, sentimental or a comedian depending upon the situation. I play well in any role.

11. If I like it, I watch a movie or read a novel for N number of times.

12. I am still learning how to console a girl when she cries.

13. 70% of my best friends are far more superior than me. Thanks to rest of the creatures for moral support..!

14.I don't talk by default. I talk on demand. I can keep my mouth shut as long as I want.

15. If given a choice between "a pretty girl's friendship" and "a beer" ,with no doubt, I will choose latter.

16. Appearances are deceptive and I stand as a testimony to it.

17. I brush my teeth and take shower twice a day, though it has nothing to do with personal hygiene.

18. I like my privacy, I don't poke my nose in others private matter, unless absolutely necessary and expect the same from the other side.

19. I am an ardent fan of girls with good dressing sense than the good looking girls.

20. I don't run after people or things, even if they mean a lot to me. I allow them to let go if situation demands it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Typical Day at THE Office...!!!

Ney! Misleading title! A typical day at my office is now becoming more like an ordinary day. The guy who used to work almost for 12-13 hours, gradually learned how to live the corporate life :) And Bingo! Only with a book named "How to manage(or kill!) time when you are at office" (Don't ask me who is the author. It's a hidden treasure) and with some guidance from my cohorts, I have aced the art of keeping my professional and personal life way apart from each other. Though the work load is triple than it used to be, now I usually devote only 20% of the time working efficiently. (Come on! Don't give me that look, everyone else in IT does it). I no longer care about my manager's "I-will-throw-you-out-if-you-don't-work" look neither I care about the deadlines. Gone are the days when I used to slog my ass for the entire night to solve a priority issue.

Here was my regular day at office 1 year before.

9 in the morning and I am at my desk! (Every neonate goes through it), spending maximum half an hour in checking mails and other crap. Like a newly honeymoon couple committed to sex, I then used to switch to the client port and get myself immersed in that coding and debugging stuff. Terms like "coffee breaks" or "going down for a walk" were yet to be invented in those days. After 3 hours of mental torture and struggle with that "you-need-a-genetically-cloned-brain-from-Newton-to-understand-me" technical stuff, I used to leave for lunch.

Overwhelmed with "I-have-to-be-honest-in-my-work-to-go-up-in-the-corporate-ladder" feeling, I used to finish my lunch within 45 minutes and used to come back to the desk again! For Next five hours (yes, without a single coffee break. And if sometimes I got that opportunity to go for a coffee with someone ,it was more like an incentive), the situation used to be no less than a battlefield, with the only soldier fighting with c++, Linux, Telecom, protocols and debugging the most critical issues that have no solution.(I mean, at least logically, no solution).

By the time I debug something and could even enjoy the satisfaction like a cat having eaten the mouse, It used to be 9 PM! (No, it was not a typical day, it alarmingly used to be EVERYDAY at my dear office.) I continued this schedule for almost 9-10 months, opening up myself to every single client and manager's mail which literally had the potential to rape me (Of course, mentally! :P. You guys never think sober, do you?) . And to be honest, this did not bring me anything apart from my manager's "You-are-still-not-there-buddy" opinion. He is obdurate in his determination to hate me. I made every attempt to show myself in better aspect but some people are immune to notice work. But then, as they say,"TIME CHANGED."

Now after 20 months, Here is what I do in my office :)

My phone rings, "where the hell are you Mani? you are again late!" and I jump out the bed and don't even dare to look at the watch (Because I very well know, it's either mid-day or ahead). Find a reason you idiot, I murmur to myself. Well, as my friends say, I am good at it! There are standard reasons to which no one can object and I have a list of them, which I use alternate day. (And yes, recycle them after some point in time!) The most effective one's include

1.MONDAY - "My aunt suddenly showed up, I had to go to pick her up at the airport" [If it's quarter past 11]

2.TUESDAY - I am not feeling well (Yes, you can be sick as many times as you want.) [if it's half past 11]

3.WEDNESDAY - Hussshhhh. My favorite day as my manager works from home!

4.THURSDAY - My roommate forgot to keep the key. (As we have only one key and he is careless, I have to wait for him until he comes back. I cannot leave the door open) works most of the times. (Usually when it's 12 PM. Yes, I do have my own key. Do you mind? :P). My rumie, the poor creature doesn't even know how much I use him.

5. FRIDAY- I got stuck in traffic. Well, no one can complain about it, everybody knows it's Bangalore. (Though very few people know the fact that I stay right beside my office, which is a 5-min walk from my apartment. But as long as my manager doesn't figure it out, who cares?). This is again when it's quarter past 11)

I switch the"day-reason" combination depending upon various situations and time availability and in rare cases, if I am in a good mood (or have nothing else to do on this Earth), I show up at 10 :)

Well, This is just an exercise before coming .What do you think I do after coming to office? Sample this.

We have a team meeting at quarter to 12, and If I am available, we spend next one hour in the cafeteria( Yes, My teammates, including team-lead are compatible with me in every aspect of this corporate time management. Sometimes I even think we did our graduation from the same collage. Thanks a ton to them for creating "we-don't-give-a-damn" milieu..). So by the time we finish our "coffee-cum-official(?)-meeting", it's lunch time..:)

My lunch now takes almost 2 hours (Which includes meandering around feminine creatures and discussing the most useless topics in the world). Real work starts at 3. Now if there are critical issues, I actually work..( Yes, experience of more than one year in the same field and struggle in those initial days have made me efficient enough to complete the work in half of the time, which, otherwise needed a full day attention.) Then dot at 6 PM, I close my shop (In this case, shut down my computer, no matter what)

Welcome to the corporate world. :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Life Cycle :)

No matter how much we struggle in life, eventually, we end up at the point where we started.

At age 4 success is not peeing in your pants.
At age 12 success is having friends
At age 16 success is having a drivers license.
At age 20 success is having sex.
At age 35 success is having money.

At age 50 success is having money.
At age 60 success is having sex.
At age 70 success is having a drivers license.
At age 75 success is having friends.
At age 80 success is not peeing in your pants.

Weird..isn't it? :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Greeen. Please!

Day before yesterday, Bangalore recorded the highest temperature of 39.5 in last 25 years. Who cares? Right?

We, the inhabitants of earth have reached the state where we need to redesign and reconsider our living ways for further survival on this planet. My heart aches for the fact that we, human devils, have destroyed almost 89% of the forest cover that the earth had in 19th century and the remaining 11% too is under the serious threat of ruin. Can't we see, what are we doing for our greed?

Now a days, it rains even in the peak of summer and we can no longer call June-September a "rainy season". What have we gained from this? A 10 stories IT building or a fucking 1000 acres industry? Or a huge 3-BHK apartment having no oxygen?

India sucks the most. We don't have proper laws for pollution control. Even if they are there, nobody gives a fuck. The politicians are only interested in money and the pollution caused by this cab drivers and autoworkers is something I can't even express in words.

I vividly remember our campus of Manyata Embassy Business Park before 2 years. It was a place to stay around. Over the years, number of trees reduced almost to zero. I wrote a  letter to the owner of this park about the importance of trees in campus areas and how much we are screwed by this fact. But all I got in response was, "Dude, relax. I cannot control the entire Bangalore's pollution. Anyway, having trees won't help me to earn money, but having a company campus in the same place gives me enough to satisfy my daily needs!". Now how should I reply to this idiot? If a person earning more than 1 crore per year can say this, what would be the thinking of middle class people?

I don't want to give lectures about how trees are useful or what can we do to stop global warming. I am very well aware that all of us know how to do it. But the point is will we ever open our eyes? Are we really the most talented creatures on the earth? If someone thinks so, I feel pity about it.

All I can say is, there has to be a starting. If you think that you alone cannot save the world, then you are right. But you can at least save yourself by doing the needful. Go Green..Please.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life's Lessons Learned

1. If you can't achieve something in normal ways, try being a Psycho. It works. All that matters is your passion and attitude.

2. Ignorance is bliss as long as it's from your side. But it becomes a curse otherwise.

3. Stay away from love and trust till the time you achieve something in life. Do I even need to elaborate on this?

4. After 9 failures,10th is the success. But most of the times, we quit at 9. Patience is a learned skill.

5. One category of people is your parents, who will never leave you alone, no matter what. Another is Everyone else.

6.Time Does heal everything. Give time, some time.

7. You just lost everything? Think again? There ALWAYS is a new start. Remember rule number 6.

8. Laugh, cry, joy and anger. All are vital. These mixed feelings make us Human. Learn to make peace with each feeling. 

9. People deserve a second chance, but not the third.

10. Things you need the most come back to you if you don't follow them. They will. It's all written.