Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 10 Funny/Irritating Facebook status !

1. I am going Home - Seriously? And you really think people care?

2. Just took a shower - Dude, are you freaking kidding me? I hope you at least put on the clothes or did you directly come in front of your laptop to update status?

3. Feeling Hungry - Then go and eat, you dumb-ass. How hard is that? and why the heck the world needs to know about it anyway?

4. She broke my heart ,she is a bitch - I am glad she did. People like you who don't understand the word "privacy"  deserve to be kicked. And even if she had feelings for you, now after reading your status, rest assured, she is never gonna come back !

5. Reached Karnataka border, 120 km away from home- Well.. No comments !

6. Watching XYZ movie with my GF , it's awesome - How on the earth your GF din mind to come with an attention seeker like you? You idiot, if you keep us updating like this(not that we care!), probably this is the last movie you will ever watch with your GF.

7. I am in a sad mood - Tell me, what do you expect from us? Dance for you? 

8. Yippe, got a new laptop/mobile/bike - Buy one for us as well and we will think about liking your status or commenting on it :P

9. Feeling sleepy - Asshole and you still have time to update people about it. Just go and sleep. We don't care whether you are feeling sleepy or dead !

10. I will now have breakfast at 8 - For this one, I was literally banging my head against the wall for 10 mins. I mean come on ! Thank god you din feel it worthy to share your bowel movements !


  1. I've got the best one.

    10.20 am - I'm going to watch 'Ready' today. Excited!
    10.30 am - On the way to watch the movie.
    10.35 am - So much traffic on the way, oops.
    10.40 am - Reached theatre, hopefully will get tickets.
    10.55 am - Yippee, got tickets.
    11.00 am - Movie started.
    11.15 am - Movie is good.
    11.25 am - Salman rocks.
    11.45 am - Having popcorn.
    And such crap went on until the movie ended. Neededless to say that guy is out of my friendlist now :D

    P.S: Its clothes honey, not cloths. :P

  2. Aww.. Kill yourself.. :P and sorry for the typo..grr :S

  3. I have one such moron on my facebook account and his current status is " I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND" ...i was flabbergasted and couldnt stop myself from commenting ' YOU REALIZED IT NOW?'

  4. Haha ! So true ;) FB has become a lame platform for lame people with lame purposes !