Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A "Missed" Journey :)

As per the new sucking time-table, my three alarms rang making hideous sounds that usually force to wake up everyone but me in the building . Trust me, even three alarms mean nothing when you are deep down in your fancy dream holding onto some gorgeous. ;)  Anyway, my home-gifted-cooler makes more noise than the breeze it throws, so most of the times I don't hear alarm bell. Today when I woke up, it was raining. For a moment I literally forgot the fact that I have only one bus that takes me to the office. The weather effects forced me to go back into my dreams and when I woke up again, it was already quarter to 10. "Fuck !" was the only  word I could utter. My area is still under developing stage and many residents here belong to IT industry who either follow strict bus timings or have their own car, so the Government here doesn't bother much to increase the frequency of buses. In simple terms, there was no way for me to get to the office, unless I was lucky enough to be at the bus stand and catch that "we-can't-promise-you-any-proper-timing" PMT bus. Fortunately I was lucky ! A bus came within 15 minutes, showing the real side of India, where people were hanging onto every possible place, in and outside the bus. Knowing that there is no other option, I somehow managed to get into. And the  drama begun !

First shock came when the conductor snatched those 100 Rs. from my hand and handed me over a ticket of 10 Rs., not returning anything back. I tried to protest but that fellow gave me that "you-jackass-either-bring-the-change-or-forget-your-money" glance. He soon disappeared into the crowd, despite me yelling at him. After a 10 minutes struggle, I somehow got a seat. Soon a lady comes to me and points that this seat is reserved for ladies. I stare at her stupidly. I mean come on, every single "Reserved for Ladies" seat was occupied by men so gimme one reason why should I quit on my seat. But alas, I abandoned  the seat like a gentleman ,neglecting that "you-coward" glance of a man seating next to me . The best part was that the driver was still searching for passengers ! I mean how greedy can someone get?  After half an hour, I was standing in a position , which would have put me behind the bars, had I not been in a bus ! Surrounded by 4 feminine creatures touching "every" part of my body and absolutely no space to move, I finally gave up on my money, considering worthiness of the ride. Usually a 20-minute journey took around one hour due to traffic and when I finally reached the office, it  was quarter past to 12. (Thankfully  my lead understood what it means by missing a bus and said nothing when I gave him the reason.) .I then vowed before my "10-100 rs. ticket" in hand that I will never miss the office bus again. Damn it, I need more alarms and less fancy dreams to make that happen !

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Irreversible fact !

Long time, I must say! Human creature takes time to adapt to the new place and considering my "Still-in-the-process-of-evolution" mindset, it took me longer than necessary to fit in the new(?) city. It's been more than two months I didn't blog and trust me, it feels terrible. A decision has been taken and there are infinite factors that make this decision wise AND worse, but there are only two topics that conclude this article. 

One is company and another is location.

Switching from IBM to Infosys

Pros :

Well, there is only one factor, SALARY ! Being an IT animal, it's inevitable to keep finding a better place, both work-wise and money-wise! I am not sure about the former yet, but yeah, latter has made things smoother than before.

Company work culture is really friendly. Infrastructure is stunning, policies that take care of employees are abundant (at least on the paper!) and my project work involves serious coding stuff. So a good chance to master the language during my tenure(well, If I take it seriously !)

A good percentage of feminine creatures (of course, I meant good looking !) in the campus.

Cons :

Feels like I'm in a boarding school.(Again). I now curse the people who showed me the "money" part of switching the job but didn't bother to tell me to give a thought about the work culture of the company I'm going to. Infy or any Indian organization for that matter, imposes a "swipe-in-swipe-out" system. In simple terms, you are locked in the company for a duration of 9-10 hours. This applies even if you have no work left for the day. It seems management here doesn't give a damn to "freedom of life" thing. Being in a company like IBM, where I had liberty to come and go anytime (as long as I finish my work on time), it is a nightmare for me to sprawl out of the bed every morning.

Consider this, I wake up at 6 in the morning (What's so tough? Not in my wildest dream have I ever woke up before 11, when in IBM), decide whether to take breakfast or bath (or both, or none, depending upon the bus timing. (The second option alarmingly becoming rare and the last one, more of a habit !)) . I then meet the minimum requirements to make myself presentable, slog for 10 hours in my dear office, catch a bus at 7 and be back home by 9, eat, lock the door and shoot myself!

No girls in my project, and yes, it bothers me, specially when there is so much grass in other projects and very few horses(or donkeys?) to eat it! (You scoundrel! I know what you are thinking about that "eat-the-grass" term, I am just talking about making pretty friends who give you company in/(after?) office ! :D). IBM showered me in this particular case.

Pune Vs Bangalore

Ouch. Bangalore Vs Pune. What's the difference? A lot, you bet!, both in order of comparison and in cities themselves.

Pros :

My City! (though not excited about this feeling anymore, but who cares about my opinion?In India, parents still play a major role in emotional blackmailing !)

Though I am not a native to Pune, being just few miles away from home is a good comfort (Again, to parents!) They are happy and it makes me feel better. Had it not been for my parents, I would have never imagined to leave Bangalore. That city simply rocks and has given me more than I have ever dreamed of, both in terms of friends and happiness. But life is all about sacrifices. Anyway, I do have hundreds of old school-collage friends here and I am happy to be back. Moreover, It feels good to be at a place where you can speak the local language, can bargain with autowahlas and shopkeepers , go to any place, not fearing about what time of the night it is , so on and so forth ...

Cons :

Weather sucks ! Unlike cool and romantic weather of Bangalore, Pune is coped with extremities in both winter and summer. Though I am born in such weather, being in Bangalore for 2 long years has definitely made me accustomed to its weather.

I can no longer abuse local or company people in my mother tongue for they all speak the same language. ( In Bangalore, it was a solid stress buster to abuse others in the language they couldn't understand, if in case, they screw you and there is nothing you can do about it. )

In spite of having so many friends, company timings on weekdays and the red shiny bitch throwing hot waves of around 42 degrees on weekends don't give me time to meet anybody. And I guess this will go on until June. I have even started thinking that I am going to die alone !

Well, that's all for now. As you can see, a number of factors have made this decision wise and worse ! But life moves on :) Wait ...!! Does it? :O

P.S. It took me two hours to write this article and about 2 more hours to decide on the title :(

What the hell is wrong with me?