Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award !

This post has been pending for long, not because I din't want to write, but because I was not sure what to write. When I started this blog, I was not even 1% sure that somebody will actually read it ! Now,after 2 and half years, I feel overwhelmed by the fact that people around the globe and all my friends take out time to read my stupidity. I still remember, I was so naive in expressing my feelings in English. My grammar and vocab sucked. I maintained a personal diary since the age of 14, so I knew I am somewhat good at expressing my feelings. But being a Marathi/Hindi medium student,and with no proper background/environment in school/collage, English always scared me. This blog and MBA preparation were the reasons I spent endless nights in learning the language.

@Soumya - You were the reason I started this blog. (Remember  Stalker Scare?:P). You were (and still are) the one whose constant feedback (and of course, taunts :( )  make me improve my writing each passing day. This blog is the reason we turned from strangers to enemies, then friends and then best friends ( at least I feel so :P). Thanks for everything my Lioness . And thanks for the award as well. It means a lot, specially coming from a diversified writer like you !

Hmm..What next? 

7 Random things about me - Well, I knew this would be coming one fine day ;) So I already have a post for this. In fact, I have 20 such things which make a stupid-unique "ME". Check out ... 20 facts about me

My favorite song - Summer of 69- Bran Adams :D

My favorite Dessert - Hmm.. Let's skip this part ;) 

What pisses me of - Dirty/messy rooms, flamboyant/unhygienic  people,  girls with poor dressing sense, poor English grammar ( Can you believe that?:P)

Best feature(s) - Damn ! I wish I had at least one :(

Everyday attitude - Make someone smile :)

What is perfection - Hmm..There is no such thing as "perfection".. 

Guilty Pleasure - Prefer not to reveal it ;)

People I will pass this award to -

This is the toughest part. Well, to be honest, I sincerely feel I am not worthy enough to judge someone's writing. So be it. Who cares about my opinion anyway when there are masters out there on this site :)

Cheers ! :D


  1. That's all the good things you're saying about me :(

    Hehehe kidding, you do have the potential best friend :). Leave the polishing to me.

  2. Congrats !! Soumya made a very smart choice.

  3. @Soumya - I could have said more, I guess :) call karke bataunga :P and thanks ! I know you are there with me :)

    @Red - Hmm.. I hope so ! ;) thanks by d way :D

  4. My Judgement stranger...I actually liked the warmth in this post. don't know about the versatile bit yet...will read the balderdash and then comment that's gonna take a while with the stupid net connection and all...but you were right you do know the preson..I hope I only induce creative thoughts and not start an all out war again...Anyhoo before I bid adieu for now thanks for following me Stranger and I'm now in love with the background pic on this there any particular story behind it?

  5. @Dragon - That is so nice of you :) Take your time ;) Hmm..I am good at guessing. And trust me, pleasure is all this side for following your blog ! Thanks for the compliment. No story. I just loved it and it went well with all color coding/combination ;)