Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Bangalore !

What the hell is wrong with me? I started writing but damn it, nothing is coming on my mind. I edited and reedited one article at least for three times and finally deleted it due to lack of words :( (and title!) I usually don't need any preparation before writing. I just start with anything and go on until it makes sense (which in most cases, doesn't!). I have tons of topics but somehow I am not able to gather the thoughts together. Mixed feelings about leaving the city and joining at Pune location .(I have decided to go for Infosys). In a way, I am both happy and sad. I will certainly miss the city , after-all ,my corporate life started here.

I will miss the weather, the people, my team , pubs, my rumie, that "The Bawarchi biryani", Bobby-da-dhaba, HRC, TIMES classes and the big gang I made there, and nighouts after a hectic weekend class. I will miss those "We-don't-plan-anything,we-just go-out-and-still-can-have-the-best-time-of-our-lives" things with my rumie. Lunch,work and literally useless but fun talk with Swati, Utsab an Wasim, These things are now an integral part of my life and sometimes when I think about them, moving on doesn't make sense.

This city has given me memories. A lot of them .

Although now my team is no longer a "team" as many people left the company, I will always be proud to have Sid as my team lead, my mentor , my friend and my icon. Going away from him is something I fear the most. Aww , there are yet many things to learn from him . I am sure I will be in touch with him (and vice versa . right Sid? ;))

Thanks to Vidhi, Rahul, vishal , Pankaj, Vanya,Amit, Priyanka, Somu ,Anandu, Yash, Rajeshwari ,Saurabh and Tushar Mama for tolerating and accepting me the way I am . You guys made my 2 years beautiful in a strange city !

Thanks to Vratant for teaching me how to live the life. No one can replace your company dude. I will keep the position reserved for you as my rumie, in case you come to Pune.

Angha, Mahim and Nisha and Diya please don't cry!(specially Diya, I know you will ! :P) You are the best(and most beautiful :D) friends I will ever have. I will still be flirting with you online ;) Thanks for being there whenever I needed you . And now stop bugging me for cutting my hair. It will grow by the time you see me again! :D

Hey Soumya! Is the beer deal still on ? Though I did not spend much time with you, I still had a lot of it ! We will be in touch, count me on that ! As I said, "the era has just begun " ;)

Last but not least, thanks to Rahul, Puneet, Shrawan , Umesh , priti and Aparna for the advices and company. I will miss you guys.

I am sorry If I have failed to mention anybody else . Damn it, I never thought my friend list will go to such an extend in two years.

A toast to Bangalore! Cheers :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life Quotes !

Ever since I was a child, I have this habit of following great sayings or quotes. My day starts with keeping in mind some quotations, which I follow very strictly. These quotes have helped me in every aspect of my life and made me a happy-go-lucky nature guy! Or I may say, my entire life's principles are based on these quotes. Following are few of them.

1. Whenever you are in a trouble or feel that something has made your life worse, just ask yourself one question, "Will this even matter after 10 years?". If yes, then you seriously are in trouble. But most of the times, the answer will be a NO.

2. Give people more than they expect, and do it cheerfully.

3. Don't take life too seriously, you will never escape it alive anyway.

4. Only people you need in your life are the ones who need you in their lives.

5. Learn to listen, opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.

6. Patience and coolness are the only two things you need to live the life.

7. Pray ! Even if you don't believe in God.

8. Never give up . Success comes due to hard work ,not due to fate or talent.

9. People deserve a second chance, but not the third.

10. Never ever compromise on your self-respect and attitude.

11. Be nice to people, even to your enemies. Making someone happy doesn't cost you anything. Sooner or later, they will appreciate it. !

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haha, I did it !

Phew..! One and half month's struggle finally came to an end..Happy Happy :)
Two months before I started searching for a new job and "The Interview Drama" very well explains my preparation stage. In two words, I sucked! I was irritated, frustrated for fluctuating between mba and technical and still not getting my hands on either of them. Each day, only one thought,"Am I good at anything? Anything at all?"
These 45 days tested my ego. I started from the scratch(at least for c++) and yesterday, while taking the interview for two big giants, I was surprised how well I did in everything. confidence level is certainly at it's peak! I cleared both Sony and Infosys.
Sony first.
There were 3 technical rounds and I rocked in all of them! UNIX, protocols, languages oh man..My heart was overwhelming for the effort I took in last 45 days and more importantly the way I explained things, sounding like a sheer genius(Mind you ,I am certainly NOT!).Cracked it , with a very very decent salary.
Infy was second. Thought to give it a shot as requirement was for the same skill levels.
Fate was strong as they started with Linux (Fav area :))and let it go for almost 1 hour in which I answered every damn question. Next C++ .This is was kinda tough as compared to Sony but did decent in that. Finally general telecom and after 2 hours, I was sitting with HR negotiating my package! Though the package is less as compared to Sony, good thing about Infy is it is considering 3 months notice period.(This is a minus about most of the companies,but glad Infy agreed on it.)
So now I have two offers and I am ready to kick my dear company's ass :P(Of course, offer letter is still not in hand, but it is just a formality. I Will get it by next week). Sony is worried about notice period factor but anyway, if I can convince my manager to release me before 3 months, I can get into it otherwise I will still have Infy for safe side!
Life is back on the track..Endless studying nights have ended . But the satisfaction of mastering something in which you were a naive is much more confidence boosting.
Now that I have settled on one side, I am thinking to postpone GMAT. But now it makes sense . Need lotta preparation before entering into this new(?) world!
P.S. Company People, please don't disclose this to anyone as there are still some important decisions to make! I hope you understand :)