Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Dreadful Dream :(

The house was certainly haunted. Or may be I was. In the sheer darkness, that image still looked pretty clear to me. It was none other than my reflection in the mirror. But it was not me. It didn't make sense. The ugly, half-burned face in mirror was asking me to join him. There was a strange attraction I felt towards him. The force was too strong to resist and I was getting pulled over by his side, wanting to be a part of his pain. But then, it was him who was screaming. Not me. I was not scared. I was just calm, waiting to accept whatever happens. Was I being hypnotized?

All of a sudden, the mirror broke into pieces, half of them piercing through my body. Within a minute, every part of me was drenched in blood. But I was still smiling. There was no sign of pain. Whenever I looked into the broken pieces of mirror, each one showed me a different face. But none of them were me. Was I dreaming? "Who are you?" I asked in a low voice. The faces in the broken mirror were getting uglier each passing moment. Among them, he was a devil. His one red eye and half burned face showed no traces of mercy. Why was I not scared of him? "You are not scared because I am your reflection." , the hideous voice whispered into my ears. How could he know what is going on my mind? Something was terribly wrong. unusual. He was so far yet so near to me. I could not even discern moon ,stars or colors of any kind. All was grey, impenetrable and dead dim. 

What place this was? Nowhere was the least sign of life. The house was utterly deserted. What was I doing there in the midst of profound silence and desolation? Silence? No! As I listened, there came to my ears from all sides, dully at first and almost imperceptibly, a low creeping sound like subdued moaning; a sound that never ceased, and that was so native to the place, I had at first been unaware of it. But now I clearly gathered in the sound and recognized it as expressive of the intensest physical suffering. To my astonishment , this time It was my voice ! But I was calm.. Then who was screaming? "Someone murdered me here! the voice screamed". Who murdered whom? I was still there, alive ! I slapped myself hard, hoping this all to be a part of my dream. But all in vain. Voice kept screaming, asking me to find him. But I was too confused. If it were my reflection, why dint it say, "Someone murdered "YOU" here." why did it say "ME?". 

"There is no time!, you need to free my spirit." And suddenly he started laughing. That was a cruel laugh. How was I able to see him when I don't know where he was? The red teeth clearly indicated they tasted blood before a while" Was he trapping me? Despite all the negative clues, why was I so sure that he was me? It was a strange immeasurable sympathy I felt towards him. He was asking me to open a door. As I approached it, the wailing sound redoubled in intensity, and a noise as of struggling made itself audible within. When I reached the door, the sounds around me grew and gathered volume, formulating themselves into distinct cries and bursts of frenzied sobbing. "Why Am I not scared?" I cried. There was no answer. The door was impassable. It had neither lock nor handle from outside. The idea of interference was futile. It could be opened only from within. I beat madly against the door with my hand and shrieked for help; but nothing moved. 

Strangely, voices suddenly stopped screaming . And the door slowly opened itself with a deadly noise. My beast appeared in front of me. Desperate to make me a part of his world. And before I could recognize what happened next, with the swiftness and shock of a fall, I opened my eyes.


  1. OMG! What did you eat before you went to sleep ;) this piece of fiction or a reality?
    P.S (I think you meant tasted blood above not tested, only mentioning it cause you can't stand bad english/grammar anymore :D)

  2. Ahh..Don't ask ! :D Sadly, a reality with some vague thoughts replaced by fiction :) And Oh My, This happens every-time and in every article :D I don't usually take pain to inspect my article before posting.. Thanks a lot :D Corrections are ALWAYS welcomed :)

  3. hey that was really creepy..i meant ur dream,btw,nicely written Mr stranger ;)

  4. Hey, TOSM :D :D Thank you so much ;)