Saturday, October 8, 2011

Like many men my age, I am now 25 years old !

Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the heck happened ! :D

Recap :
Before Birth :
Doctor : "We can save either mother or child ! ". But my mother was a strong woman. She fought like hell and finally gave birth to the dumbest creature on the earth ! "Welcome", I said to myself. Now, "what next?"

2.5 years Later :
Father : "Let's send him to a school'. He seems to have a quick learning ability. I think he will manage.
Mother : "No way, we will wait for 2 more years. It will become difficult for him to compete against other guys in future.
Father : "Okay. We send him now. If things get tougher for him, we will make him sit in the same class in senior kg."
For first 4 years, I topped the school so finally my headmaster told my parents that no gap is needed. Damn ! And there was a small boy, sitting in a class of people that were at least 1.5 years elder to him. :(. Mercy God, mercy!

Early Childhood :
A pampered child. Good at studies. Sucked in social protocols. An Introvert. In simple words, sucked in almost everything that is defined by attitude-confidence-passion trilogy.

Late Childhood :
A torturous, struggling period. Life fucked hard and that too every single day. Those 3 years were a nightmare, but that period brought out a "new" me ! Everything changed, right from my height to my personality, I achieved whatever I wanted. Looking back, those were the most dreadful days I have ever had. But no complains.  Memories of them now make me smile. This period taught me that the concept of luck and destiny is futile. Life certainly can be the way you want. You make choices and you don't look back !

After 20 :
A hopeless romantic turned into a damn good flirt. An introvert turned into a chatter box, an ever smiling guy. A sentimental fool turned into a reason for people to smile, laugh. The guy who once struggled for one single friend now have at least dozens of people loving and caring for him. Most importantly, Manoj turned into Mani. What's the difference? I cant even pen it down!

At the age 25 :
I am still not clear about what I want in life. But I definitely have targets. I am achieving them one after another, though slowly, but consistently. In short terms, I know where I want to be. In long terms, who cares? Life is an unpredictable bitch! So I want to enjoy this moment. After its share of bitterness, life has now blessed me with awesome friends, achievements, secure future and stability. I am simply at peace. Hope this will continue :)

A promise to self ! 

1. Now is the time to fall in love! Three more years from now I will be with my better half ! (Considering my parents' pressure ). I hope she is somewhere (hopefully on the Earth !)out there reading this ;) Anyone interested? :P

2. Change the way I look ! This thing has been pending for quite a long time now and I want to get it done ! I am satisfied with the way I look,  but I want to be a bit better.. Anyway, I am not talking about my face. But certainly many things related to my personality and appearance can be changed. Let's see how it goes.

3. Gift something expensive to my parents within next one year. It can be anything. It's not just about money but I want to show my gratitude for the people who sacrificed everything just to see me happy, who never let things affect me when they, my parents, were financially down, who were with me through thick and thin. Now that your stupid boy is able to stand on his legs, you will always be the first priority for me. Though things you did for me cannot be expressed with just a "thank you" or return favor, this is least I can do to start off. :)

4. I never hurt anyone, even my enemies in past one decade. It gives me an ineffable feeling to see/make people happy. So, even if I hurt someone unknowingly, it is never what I wanted. I will try to improve. Words make a dangerous weapon so I should better be careful before using them.

Well, as of now, this is it ! 

P.S. Oh yes, I never knew so many people will actually remember my b'day. But they did. After certain point, I had to stop counting number of people wishing me. You guys made me feel special ! Thanks a ton. This thing will be long remembered. 


  1. God bless you my love :)

    See, I managed to remember.

    1. Three years eh? Well, I guess by then I'll have made up my mind :P

    2. Change the look please. Need to see something refreshing now. Start with the glasses :)

    3. My birthday gift is pending too. I'll definitely reward you with a thank you and the pending 2 beers.

    4. Never hurt anyone? You did hurt me sometime back. Forgiven, but not forgotten.

    Here's to more birthdays and I promise I'll be around to wish you until you turn 75 atleast :)

  2. Soooo chweeet of you :) Yupe, your call did make me feel ecstatic :D
    1. Hmm.. I hope you do ;)
    2. Lenses suck ! :S I do wear them but not on a regular basis. Anyway, anything for you :)
    3.Yoo ! A big thanks [followed by a tight hug ;)] would be from me as well , but yeah, you pay for the beer :P
    4. I know. I still remember it. As I said, I din mean it :( . Don't forgive, but please forget :)

    75? Voila ! Lets see. So far, so good :D <3 <3 <3

  3. Belated Happy Birthday!I am sorry that i couldnt wish u at the right time.
    I pray that you find your lady love before your next birthday.
    You already have a very charming persona. I am sayign this because i am read your blogs and i guess we are quite ourselves in here.
    Happy Birthday :)

  4. hey this is so cool ..i feel like writing one for me..hmm let me wait for my next birthday :P..and u are older than me??i thought you'll be younger than me :P:P..anyways hmm..I hope she'll come earlier :P

  5. @RED : Hey, It's okay :) Thank you so much for the wishes ! And I am not finding her, I feel she will just come alone one fine day ;)

    @TOSM : Go ahead and write one :) I am 87 born :S That too Oct. I think you are elder to me ;) And yeah, thanks :) Not earlier ! the late, the better ;)

  6. hey i forgot to wish u a happy birthday :D oops belated happy you are elder than 88 born :P

  7. Hey Buddy...Belated B'day wishes...I didn't know your B'day was coming, if I knew I would also be the one who would have called you. I can't believe your just 25!!! Boys of your age don't usually talk in mauture tunes...I'm sure your lady love is around somewhere...put on your searching glasses and start looking...need any help you've just got to let me know ;)...Many wishes again and hope you have many more to come :D

  8. @TOSM : haha, Thank you ! ;) Yupe, I am ! Doesn't really matter :)

    @DRAGON : Thanks for the wishes :D And Boys of my age are generally more mature than me ! Well, I don't really need to look ;) I just need to wait and pick up one ;) ;)

  9. 2.5 years? Who goes to school so early? *envies the smartness quotient*
    And *nodding head* at introvert turning to flirt. I know two of the kind. The whole concept of people changing is so intriguing. I had this friend who I met after like 5 years. DARN he was different from the regular silent kid and had turned to a handsome nerd haha :D
    And I didn't know you just grew older. :( Many many happy returns of the day buddyy! I'm late though.

  10. And I am following you now. That's my gift haha :D

  11. @Crystal - Wow ! look who is here ! :happy: It's okay, thanks a lot for wishes ;) And Now that masters are here, I need to be careful about my writing :) Yes, this gift means a lot :D

  12. I'm gonna steal ur idea :P Buwhahahahahaha Can I steal it????
    Pleasee *Smiling my cutest adorable babyish smile*

    @2.5 years... Buwhahahahaha I was 3.5 when I started school so if u had been in my school and My class Things could have been so much fun :P *Devilish Grin*

    @after 20... I'm so glad to hear that u got over ur torturous struggling teenage years :P

    @25... Its so Coollll and Lucky u :D

    Falling in Love ... getting Married.... Ahem Ahem ;) *BAckgroud Music:Hona the Pyar, Hoa mere Yarrrrrrrrrr ;)*

    P.S Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I can't post my comment :@ These falling autumn leaves are not letting me click on post comment :@

  13. @Aliza - Hey, welcome to my blog :) Thanks for stopping by and following :D

    Haha. You can always write it the way you want ;)
    And Just decided, not desperate to fall in love <3 Anyway, one day, for sure :)

  14. LOL. Belated happy birthday: +1 now :) I like it that your promises to self are tangible- I make one to myself every damn day, and forget it the next. hope you fulfill all of those :D cheers!

  15. @Gitanjali - Thank you :) Haha.. Even I forget, but confessions are bad for reputation ;)