Friday, October 4, 2013

The Naked Truth!

She could clearly see the disappointment in his eyes. "The least he can do for me is to act like he is glad to see me", she thought. He didn't say anything. But she understood what that silence meant, for she had lived her whole life with that kind of silence. “You tricked me. You are so ugly. Ugly as a pig shit”. “Forget about marriage, I won’t touch you even if you stand naked in front of me”, he must be shouting inside, she thought. She waited there. Patiently. Hoping he would say something. But he didn't. So finally She looked into his eyes for the answers. Those newly found eyes. They did not spell happiness. They spelled disgust. They spelled hatred. There was nothing much left in her life but whatever it was, it was destroyed at that very moment. She wanted to slap him, yet she didn't. She wanted to scream, but she didn't.  Getting no response from him, she started walking out slowly from the hospital. He didn't stop her.

At night, she took a shower. She didn't realize for how much time she was in there, standing and wailing.  Allowing to let it all flow. When she felt a little less heavy, she came out. Standing naked, she looked in the mirror. She was ugly, she knew it. But tonight, mirror reflected her image uglier than ever before. Scars on the black and pimple covered face, small and distorted nipples, fat belly tyres and short height.  She had nothing to offer to a man except a caring and pure heart. A heart that was romantic as hell. A heart that believed in fairy tale stories. A heart waiting for her prince charming to rescue her. A heart that believed appearances are deceptive, and the only thing that lasts is inner beauty. She smiled at her stupidity. “Ever heard of someone falling in love at first sight with an ugly person?” she thought.  Everything she ever believed in was a fierce lie. A make belief. She thought he was different. At least until he got his vision back.

“I am ugly. You won’t like me when you will be able to see me”, she had warned him once, very well aware of the consequences. “Baby, I love you. You have a pure heart. You are the reason I am getting my vision back. Don’t ever think that you are ugly. You are as much beautiful outside as you are inside, at least for me.” He had given her a hope. A hope which was like the first sun ray entering into her dark world, eradicating all the darkness she had. She had started to dream again. A dream where even she looked beautiful. A dream where they held each other’s hand. A dream where they were together.

“I don’t mind even if you can’t see me. But I want you to have a life that you deserve. Money can’t be the obstacle. I will get your vision back. No matter how much it costs”, she had promised. Now, after 6 months, she had gathered enough money perform an operation on his eyes. It had cost her everything. Her life’s savings, her investments and her jewelries. But nothing was worth his happiness. The least she had expected was his smile when he first looked at her. But it was destroyed. All of it.

“I don’t deserve this”, she cried aloud, throwing a stone at the mirror. The scattered pieces multiplied her ugliness. She looked into them for a long time and just smiled. She knew it is time. Time when she had lost her last hope. Time when she cannot take it anymore. She slowly walked towards balcony. She looked down and closed her eyes. Without a second thought, she jumped from the floor. She did not feel scared. She was simply at peace. For it was her last moment of torture.


  1. Thank you so much. Coming from you, you have no idea how great that compliment is for me :)

  2. why why why....Y couldnt he make her feel beautiful!!! Y cudnt he love her for the things she did and the generous heart she had.
    This made me so angry!!

  3. @Zee Zoo - Hmmmmm??? :S

    @RED - Koi na. Maine to aise hi likha tha. Aap to senti ho gaye :P