Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am legend ! (Zinda Hu re mai) :)

Ahh.. So much to catch up! I miss my blogger friends, their articles. I do read your posts guys. It's just I am not getting time to catch up with you. Once this phase is over, we would be together :)

 I am one of those idiots who take critical decisions of life according to mood swings and then regret it for a life time. Resigning my job is one such example. I know I have been cribbing about my job since a while, but quitting it when the experts have predicted a recession, and that too without having any other offer in hand, is a foolish step. Now job hunting is on my nerves. It's not that I won't get a job within 3 months notice period. I certainly (hopefully?) will. The only problem is I cannot be choosy. Let's see how it goes :| Pray for me and you will get a treat, if I get my desired job :)

Petrol hike. Another cruel joke fate (or govt?) played on me. I mean come on! I was a pedestrian for one goddamn year. Only when I finally got a bike, these bloody prices are soaring. Now I am thinking to sell the bike and buy a bicycle. If this rising in price continues, soon my take home salary won't be able to take me home :(

I*fy freezes salary hike. Either these people are a bunch of dumb asses or they don't at all care for their employees. After NRN's retirement, I*fy is no longer a brand name or "a leader" as they quote it. Working hours, appraisals, policies, salary and many other things are there just to suck the blood of an employee. Anyway, I have already put on my papers so I don't care about it anymore.

I am definitely going to vote this time. Not because I want to see any other party in power, but I certainly don't want to see C**gre*s pimps taking decisions for common people. No matter what happens,  C**gre*s is NOT getting a chance to screw up with people's lives this  time. I am so sick of their wanton deeds, I would kill two people of G**dhi Family, Our pres*de*t, Fi**nce min*ster, Agr*cu**ural min*ster, min*ster of home aff**irs, min*ster of petrol**m and na*ural gas. (Not PM, huh? No need. Kill G**dhi and he is anyway gone!) and then happily commit suicide, if that is the price I need to pay. And I mean it. (Yeah, Ka*il S**el, Monitor this blog, if you can, and shut it down, I don't give a fuck! ). So if you haven't voted till date, I request you to consider it this time. Please. Every vote does count. It's high time that We, the young crowd, need to take things seriously.

Well, that's all as of now. See you guys soon. Bu-bye bros and sissies, and girls! ;)


  1. Man so much frustration.......
    well I am sorry about the petrol hike. Man sell tht bike :P
    Well if it is of any solace, I too am on a job junt :D

  2. oops....bad phase going on. Never mind, you will certainly get a job, I will pray :) I don't mind a treat :D
    And you never voted till date? Its okay, better late than never! And you need help in doing those noble deeds? I am with you!

  3. @Red - Yeah, seriously thinking over selling it :(. I know I know :D Let's search together :D

    @CD - Treat for sure ;) Yeah, better late than never :D Nope, live your life ! ;) I will manage it alone :) My life is anyway screwed! So I will lead. You wait for that plant of your's in pic to grow up :P

    1. Aaila! Don't tell me you are praying for that plant to grow up!!

  4. :pokerface: Nope.. And don't worry.. It will take YEARS :P ;)

  5. Frustration galore :D

    Chill chill. Aaja yaha, beer peete hai :)

  6. Accha? Madam ko time mile tab na :P I so wanna come back to Bangalore :) Let's see where destiny takes me ;) And kill yourself! We never got a chance to hang out when I was in Bangalore :| Anyway, hope to see you soon <3