Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sex and The Mentality !

/***Disclaimer : This post is not meant to offend anyone's views. And I am NOT provoking sex here. I am just trying to explain my views. Respect to the people who think otherwise! ***/

"What exactly do they do in blue films?" one teenager asked another. I was sitting at some local tea stall and this group of 5 boys was having a conversation about what sex is all about.
I was surprised as they were very young (not more than 15 years). 15 years? I mean come on! Till my early 20s, I firmly used to  believe that only kissing makes someone pregnant and masturbating leads to AIDS. Generation gap it is, I think. "Dude, you are such a dumb! They do all the positions in blue films. I am even working on my stamina. You need to hold at least for 20-30 mins!"  The confidence in his voice made me feel sad. Not the stamina part, but the way by which they were trying to understand this sex thing.

Sex is something we (specially Indian)people avoid to discuss. Since decades, our so called priests, sages, pandits and other religious people have created so much hype about topics like presence of god, love, bramhacharya etc and on the other hand, same people have succeeded poisoning the very core of this feeling. This antagonism of religion against sex drives me crazy. Aren't they sides of the same coin? Sex is one of the irresistible feelings God have given to mankind (or every animal on planet, for that matter). So if sex is dirty, doesn't that mean the God you believe in is also dirty?

We are curious creatures by nature and our mind mostly gets attracted to the things we are forbidden to think of. Parents don't discuss sex talk with their children. No wonder we grow up having this thing all the time on our minds. Thanks to the society and it's decades old rules! You don't give sex education, youth will learn it anyway. So rather than they learning it from dirty books/magazines/porn sites, isn't it better to give them a crystal clear idea of what it is all about? 
Even after so much modernization of our society, people still hesitate to go to the chemist and buy a condom. If somebody does try, people around(sometimes even the chemist himself!) give him a look as if he has committed a serious crime and should be punishable by death!

Fortunately, I have had people in my family who taught me the essence of this eternal feeling. I have read more than n number of books to understand it. Right from the origin to methods and views of people about it. And trust me, to understand the sex is a complicated procedure. When girls see me talking/having books about it in my shelf, they are like "YUK!" you discuss/read THAT? and when boys find it out, normally their question is, "Please tell me how to do it better?(As if I am a sex-guru! :( ) You have an encyclopedia with you". Both opinions I find pretty irritating.

I laugh on people when they say sex is dirty, animalistic, different than love or when they just cut the topic in the middle of a discussion, avoiding it altogether.

So let me clear these things for you!

1.Isn't sex animalistic?

YES. It is. But aren't you forgetting something honey? Man IS an animal. As much of an animal as any other animal. But that doesn't  mean man finishes with animality here. He can be far more than animal and far less than animal. That is the glory of being human. Our infinite potentiality gives us the freedom and the danger, the agony and the ecstasy, the longing and the suppression. It is as simple as that. we get to choose ! Since the origin of mankind, man has killed infinite number of same/other species through war, murder and what not. And you call sex animalistic? Animals have never been more animalistic than man. Sex can be animalistic, but it can also raise to higher level. It can become love or divine prayers. It all depends on you. Sex is nothing like a fixed entity, it's just a possibility. You can make it the way you want ! Period.

2. sex is YUK. sex is dirty!/ I hate sex/I can represses my desires.

Slap hard on the face of whosoever says this to you!(except the elder ones, of course! Respect). Neither love is the first stage of a feeling nor sex is the last! They both go hand in hand to achieve the ultimate. But again, thanks to the religious people who have poisoned all mankind with their gyan! And this is going on since decades and has become a part of our mentality. Do you even know the origin why it all started? I do. I am someone who believes only in facts and evidences. But every-time I try to open my mouth, somebody shuts me down. Hating it is simply repressing it. Don't you know that whatsoever is repressed will come up the one way or other? The other ways lead to anger, guilt, agony, hate, unstable mind, which, when combined together, create a disaster. Ever wondered why do people rape or murder someone? Or why teenagers are so much desperate to get into a sex relationship? The origin lies somewhere in your repression. Remember, sex is natural. Don't even try to find out a substitute for it. Substitutes don't help, they CANT help! Also, sex is mortal, Religion is doing what you have been told, no matter what is right. Mortality is doing right things, no matter what you have been told.

Be natural if you want to go beyond nature, be rooted in your body if you want to become a soul, be rooted in sex if you want to become a lover! Yes, the more energy is converted into love, less and less interested you will become in sex, but you will then not hate it.

Understand why the process was created in the first place. Understand why not to overdo it, understand the motive of sex being irresistible, understand why it is a divine feeling and where it can lead you to. Understand why our society is not willing to give up it's conventional thinking. Understand why religious people have poisoned the mentality of people about sex. Most importantly, understand that sex is not the problem, lust is. When you put all these pieces together, may be my pravachan will make sense to you!

P.S. So much from a guy who have not had sex yet ! :P :D

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  1. Oh it definitely made sense and I'm reminded of the post I did on a similar topic. In case you want to go through it :

    Now coming back to your post, firstly. it's very well jotted. I had a smooth read. :)
    And it was thought provoking with brilliant punch lines. And yes, I too believe in morality. When it comes to deciding the right path, one should use the brain given by God.

  2. HAHA..okay this is way TOO much from a guy who have not had sex yet :P

    Arey ..SEX is not Dirty!!yes they deserve a slap right on their cheeks :D

    P.S:YUK read that :P..okay now dont be angry with me(just kidding)

    P.P.S: what a topic yaar?;) Good discussion though

    P.P.P.S:keep writing :)

  3. And I like your blog description..make others happy :)keep smiling..

  4. Hheheheheh....
    well even I thought till my 11th standard that kissing and foreplay amounts to sex....lie naked by switchin of light and do everything they show on tv. But yes the reality of it hit me reall hard!
    I hate ppl who think its disgusting to discuss sex..its the most basic need of man

    Hheheheheh ur PS..made me go awwwww
    Thanks a lot for visitng my blog again sirjeeee!!!!
    Missed ur writeup too

  5. @Mirage - Thanks for the support :) I was wondering how people will take it. Your article is on the similar lines. More or less, we are trying to convey the same thing. :D

    @TOSM - You do not need to experience things in order to understand them :P Thank you thank you. And you noticed description now? :pokes his tongue out :

  6. @RED - Most of us go by those methods only. Not our fault, I will say. And it's very important to have the discussion in a decent manner. But somehow, people always make it disgusting.
    lol. P.S Holds true :P And madamjee, aapko nahi pata, but pleasure is all this side ;)

  7. Sex might be the best thing that has happened to mankind as yet but always ALWAYS within lines. Not the ones prescribed by prudish society but ones that dictate basic sense and common courtesy.

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  8. wow..PeeVee is here :D Thanks for stopping by :)
    True. But alas, society is known for manipulating basic senses and mentality of its own people for its selfish purposes . And bingo ! got it :) Thanks a lot. I thought I could choose which posts to add. But I guess the widget selects them randomly. Never mind, thanks for the share ;)

  9. It's your space dude, why bother with the disclaimer at the top? You are authorised to post whatever you like!

    Anyhow, Have you read Aliaa Madhy's statement about sex? To her, Sex is an expression of respect!

    That sums it up for me :)

  10. True. It is my space. But still, I don't want to hurt anyone's perception just because I am authorized :) Besides, it's a delicate topic.
    Yes. I have read it ! Cheers ;)

  11. You should read the last post of 2011 on my blog. Somethings awaits you buddy! :)

  12. Woohoo kya baat hai, koi bada hogaya hai :P

    Honey, please please concentrate more on the English and punctuation. There is never a space between the word and a full stop or anything :)

    The only people who complain about sex are the ones who aren't getting any or the ones who can't perform. I rest my case! :D

  13. @Soumya - Damn ! I should now consider reediting my articles once I am done. Anyway, thanks. Corrected mistakes :)
    Hmm..Which category do you fall in? :P