Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yet Another Lover Left Behind !

(Phone ringing)
He : (Not again !) Hey,how are you?
She: Ohh.. why bother? Does it even matter to you ?
He : (Not really .. ) okay, lay it on me !
She : Where have you been these days? Can't you just call me once?
He : I told you, I was busy in meeting friends and packing luggage.
She : So finally you are coming to Pune. Now I can keep an eye on you
He : (what the heck ! you are doing that ever since you were born !) yeah. Let's see.
She : So have you thought about it?
He: (For God's sake, stop playing with me !) About what?
She : You very well know about what.
He : I thought you were kidding (as always)
She : No I am damn serious. I love you.
He : (Why on the earth it has to be me? :( ) But you loved someone else 3 months before, and before that you were serious for two more guys.
She : That was an infatuation . I think we can get along well.
He : (You "think?") Look,I have already explained it to you. I like you but not in that sense
She : This line is reserved for girls. Don't you feel any shame ? A girl has proposed you and you are acting like a star?
He : (I know why she has proposed me,but anyway) Nope. It may be easy for you but for me, it's a critical decision. what if I say I don't feel the same way?
She : Then you are an asshole
He : (Thought so ! wow. Somebody you love becomes an asshole in the next moment. cool)Thanks. I always was.
She : Do you have any other girl in life? you can tell me
He : (Why do I have to be committed to say NO to a girl like you?) No.
She : Then what is your problem? Am I not good looking? Earning? Educated?
He :( you are way more than that ! But I know you can't handle ANY relation. And your moody nature sucks !) Yes. you are. But my expectations are different.
She : What?
He : Forget, I don't wanna talk about it anymore. you deserve much better than an asshole like me
She : Don't play smart with me. You have to tell me in one word. yes or no? I already have many boys behind me so you should better hurry up.
He : ( Hahaha. what a line ! salute to that. Don't you get it? A big NO) I told you, I am not ready yet. you are free to do whatever you want.
She : Then I will have to stop talking to you.
He : ( As if I am dying to talk to you !) I don't want to lose one of my friends for nothing.
She : You have already lost me. Good night. And delete my number from your list now. Ba-bye
He : (wow. Thanks for the great news ! ) take care. God bless you . Ba-bye.

Girls ! They are complicated !