Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haha, I did it !

Phew..! One and half month's struggle finally came to an end..Happy Happy :)
Two months before I started searching for a new job and "The Interview Drama" very well explains my preparation stage. In two words, I sucked! I was irritated, frustrated for fluctuating between mba and technical and still not getting my hands on either of them. Each day, only one thought,"Am I good at anything? Anything at all?"
These 45 days tested my ego. I started from the scratch(at least for c++) and yesterday, while taking the interview for two big giants, I was surprised how well I did in everything. confidence level is certainly at it's peak! I cleared both Sony and Infosys.
Sony first.
There were 3 technical rounds and I rocked in all of them! UNIX, protocols, languages oh man..My heart was overwhelming for the effort I took in last 45 days and more importantly the way I explained things, sounding like a sheer genius(Mind you ,I am certainly NOT!).Cracked it , with a very very decent salary.
Infy was second. Thought to give it a shot as requirement was for the same skill levels.
Fate was strong as they started with Linux (Fav area :))and let it go for almost 1 hour in which I answered every damn question. Next C++ .This is was kinda tough as compared to Sony but did decent in that. Finally general telecom and after 2 hours, I was sitting with HR negotiating my package! Though the package is less as compared to Sony, good thing about Infy is it is considering 3 months notice period.(This is a minus about most of the companies,but glad Infy agreed on it.)
So now I have two offers and I am ready to kick my dear company's ass :P(Of course, offer letter is still not in hand, but it is just a formality. I Will get it by next week). Sony is worried about notice period factor but anyway, if I can convince my manager to release me before 3 months, I can get into it otherwise I will still have Infy for safe side!
Life is back on the track..Endless studying nights have ended . But the satisfaction of mastering something in which you were a naive is much more confidence boosting.
Now that I have settled on one side, I am thinking to postpone GMAT. But now it makes sense . Need lotta preparation before entering into this new(?) world!
P.S. Company People, please don't disclose this to anyone as there are still some important decisions to make! I hope you understand :)


  1. Woohoo Congrats! Big man somebody now :)

    Btw, who's your manager? :P

  2. Satisfied ur ego? now get a life ! go out,party, mr genius ;) congrats!!!

  3. @Soumya - Thank you :D Money doesn't make somebody big :| and Wat's d deal with manager? Can you help? ;)

    @Mahim - aww..going tonight. wanna come? :D

  4. Congratulations. You nailed it man...with your go-getter attitude. Keep it up!!