Saturday, October 16, 2010

Confession of a Regretted soul

I lost 30K in Poker. This is first time in my poker history I lost so much money. I had stopped playing poker 7 months before,despite being very good at it. Though till date I have earned 1000s of dollars in poker, I stopped playing because somewhere deep inside I thought this is not a way to earn money. Now today, after 7 months, I was in desperate need of money for some family issue, so I decided to gamble. (This is not gambling,but still..) Ahh..nothing was in favor. My heart was screaming and asking me to stop, but I dint. What is wrong with me?In hope of earning more money,I lost my 3 month's saving. This is not a very good place for repentance but I have to tell it to someone. Anyone. So much for a guy who once boasted about his ability to control his mind. I feel like an idiot. I swear on my parents,I will never play poker again.
This is not about money,this is about life's principles. I never go against my principles,no matter what. I am sure I can earn everything back in one night, but I don't want to. I am glad at least I din lose anything from my pocket because that was poker saving. But damn it,when you are in need,source doesn't matter.
Anyway, good that this chapter ended once and for all. This has to end someday. The early the better.


  1. good that it ended.confession requires real courage.start with a new morning minus one bad hobby !!I am not able to reach ur me wen u see this.

  2. u lost in poker?wow dont bliv it?get another job boy dis salary is diverting u to wrong ways :P
    never mind,people do all kinda mistakes wen dey r young,so let it be.realization is important and m glad u now knw it. and by d way,wat is this need for which u invested so much ?must be something big.dont tell me dat u hav also invested in shares?

  3. @Mahim - hmm..thanks! :)

    @Diya - yeah..first and last time! And share market is not hard and fast that's different story :)

  4. Good for you.. Life is a good enough gamble, no need for other sources.