Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Girl's Psychology :)

1. Gossip isn't a sin. It's an art!

2. They don't wake up looking pretty. It takes time and effort. For most of them.

3. They win the argument. Period.

4. They love Ben and Jerry's more than "you"

5. They are not ashamed of crying

6. They must go to the restrooms in groups

7. Behind every Bitch, there is a guy who made her that way

8. They love their best friends more than their boyfriends

9. No matter how does a girl look or how rude or selfish she is, she has a boyfriend

10. They should be treated equally with boys when it comes to receiving pay checks but when it comes to "work", they must be treated like a "girl"

11. They have this thing called feeling. Don't hurt them!

12. They look good, no matter what they wear

13. Love may be their first choice, but money and security factor also give a tough competition. 

14. Their eyes are located in their heads, not on their chest or ass . So when you are not looking in their eyes, THEY KNOW.

15. They look cute when they argue.

16. Never ever ask a girl what she weighs or how old  is she, just don't do it.

17. They can understand your intentions just by the way you touch them. 

18. No matter how close you are to them, they can easily neglect you or can completely forget about you, if they want.

19. Their heels may look hot, but they hurt like crap.

20. They hold grudges and they never forget  things you say to them that hurt.

21. No guy wants to marry a whore. Well, no good girl wants to marry a pimp either. 

22. It is funny the way they hit you and expect it to hurt!

23. The only thing you can do when a girl cries is to be there, not uttering a single word.
Believe me, you saying anything will make it only worse.

24. Boys should never use girls as an object. Girls get scattered. But vice versa is not true or not necessary or not worthy to mention!

25. If you take their chocolates, they will get ugly.

26. They aren't all blond bimbos. So stop treating them like one.

27. They always fish for compliments!

28. When you have a girl in your life, things organize themselves. You will no longer be a dirty-messy-with no-dressing-sense-bachelor.

29. They are unpredictable. The best way to deal with them is simply not to expect anything.

30. When they say, "let’s not fight anymore", all you have to do is wait for a day or two!


  1. Great observation dude......!!
    You found only 30 points abt girls, there could have been more.. :P

  2. hehe..I listed almost 123 points. but itna likhta to ladkiya jaa le leti so these are the best ones :)

  3. gossip too,n we look pretty even wen we wake the 7 th one:)..hate no.18..its soo not true..n boy....i seriously agree with all rest..:P gud job..girls make u observe so many things:)))

  4. @purnima-men gossip,but it's a sin if they do,not for girls :P.n lets not talk about no.18..i can prove it :( newaz girls don't make me observe anything..I feel it's my duty to do so :D

  5. i really njoyd till d bottom! N i find almost evrythng is true.
    Yah i agree de look good in almost any clothes! De r a cute creture, n r in search of love!
    I exprnd 23, u need 2 shut ur mouth till d end.
    So good job done!!
    I wanna say we cn list down 100s of obvs but no man cn tel u whats boiling at d bottom of thr heart!!

  6. @kalpit -very true brother!thanks a lot for your keen analysis :)

  7. my my my...wid evry article,ur writin is juz rockin!!m sure u wil end up wid a novel in a couple f mnths..keep it vry up my buddy!m so proud of u.infact aftr readin all ur articles,i thnk i gonna hv a crush on u :P

  8. Good man, i really appreciate your writing from 1st year itself.. and this is ultimate one.. i have too same observations about them.. but u hav d words to explain them n i dont... keep it up.. :)

  9. @diya-hey thanks :) and d crush so on d cloud!!!!!! :D

  10. @dadu :tnku..n m der to pen down ur words..dun worry..v r similar in that aspect after all ;)

  11. bus ab aap, appointment de do sirjee, i hv some querries, which i'm very sure tht, only u can troubleshoot.

  12. @amit-lol..aapke liye koi baat hai sirjee..jab chahe puch lo :P :)

  13. @Tushar Bravo dude!!