Friday, April 9, 2010

Life's Lessons Learned

1. If you can't achieve something in normal ways, try being a Psycho. It works. All that matters is your passion and attitude.

2. Ignorance is bliss as long as it's from your side. But it becomes a curse otherwise.

3. Stay away from love and trust till the time you achieve something in life. Do I even need to elaborate on this?

4. After 9 failures,10th is the success. But most of the times, we quit at 9. Patience is a learned skill.

5. One category of people is your parents, who will never leave you alone, no matter what. Another is Everyone else.

6.Time Does heal everything. Give time, some time.

7. You just lost everything? Think again? There ALWAYS is a new start. Remember rule number 6.

8. Laugh, cry, joy and anger. All are vital. These mixed feelings make us Human. Learn to make peace with each feeling. 

9. People deserve a second chance, but not the third.

10. Things you need the most come back to you if you don't follow them. They will. It's all written.


  1. Maharshi Mani-Anand ki jai ho...!!!!

  2. hey dis s d best one!!m surprised to c so less cmts here :( it s so natural n seems to cme frm smeone who has gone all through..

  3. @diya-thanks..and about comment part,the ratio of people reading the blog is not necessarily directly proportional to comments!my friends r lazy enough not to click on an additional link :)