Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Greeen. Please!

Day before yesterday, Bangalore recorded the highest temperature of 39.5 in last 25 years. Who cares? Right?

We, the inhabitants of earth have reached the state where we need to redesign and reconsider our living ways for further survival on this planet. My heart aches for the fact that we, human devils, have destroyed almost 89% of the forest cover that the earth had in 19th century and the remaining 11% too is under the serious threat of ruin. Can't we see, what are we doing for our greed?

Now a days, it rains even in the peak of summer and we can no longer call June-September a "rainy season". What have we gained from this? A 10 stories IT building or a fucking 1000 acres industry? Or a huge 3-BHK apartment having no oxygen?

India sucks the most. We don't have proper laws for pollution control. Even if they are there, nobody gives a fuck. The politicians are only interested in money and the pollution caused by this cab drivers and autoworkers is something I can't even express in words.

I vividly remember our campus of Manyata Embassy Business Park before 2 years. It was a place to stay around. Over the years, number of trees reduced almost to zero. I wrote a  letter to the owner of this park about the importance of trees in campus areas and how much we are screwed by this fact. But all I got in response was, "Dude, relax. I cannot control the entire Bangalore's pollution. Anyway, having trees won't help me to earn money, but having a company campus in the same place gives me enough to satisfy my daily needs!". Now how should I reply to this idiot? If a person earning more than 1 crore per year can say this, what would be the thinking of middle class people?

I don't want to give lectures about how trees are useful or what can we do to stop global warming. I am very well aware that all of us know how to do it. But the point is will we ever open our eyes? Are we really the most talented creatures on the earth? If someone thinks so, I feel pity about it.

All I can say is, there has to be a starting. If you think that you alone cannot save the world, then you are right. But you can at least save yourself by doing the needful. Go Green..Please.

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