Sunday, April 25, 2010

20 Facts about me..!

1. I have the most ancient name and I still hate my grandmother for choosing it.

2. I hate it when I need to tell people that I have cracked a joke and they ought to laugh.(though a rare case)

3. Even though I know things will get worst if I don't take an action now, I like them to keep pending until my ass is on fire.

4.  I am obsessed with cleanliness syndrome. I don’t step in my bedroom if I find even a single dust particle. I clean my flat once in a day, no matter how tired I am.

5. My senses are abnormal (or extremely sharp, to put it in a sophisticated way!). I usually observe even the minute details of a person/things and can smell the things even from a mile. (yes, like a dog, as you may call it!)

6. By the time I quit my job, I will forget how to speak "No-Grammatical-Mistake" English..!

7. I am too childish at times and too mature at times. People normally get confused because of this extremity in my nature.

8. I am good at convincing people. (Specially girls, not a born skill, a learned one)

9. I usually spend my "hard-earned" money on the most useless things in the world. Then I regret it and then I do it again.

10. I can be romantic, sentimental or a comedian depending upon the situation. I play well in any role.

11. If I like it, I watch a movie or read a novel for N number of times.

12. I am still learning how to console a girl when she cries.

13. 70% of my best friends are far more superior than me. Thanks to rest of the creatures for moral support..!

14.I don't talk by default. I talk on demand. I can keep my mouth shut as long as I want.

15. If given a choice between "a pretty girl's friendship" and "a beer" ,with no doubt, I will choose latter.

16. Appearances are deceptive and I stand as a testimony to it.

17. I brush my teeth and take shower twice a day, though it has nothing to do with personal hygiene.

18. I like my privacy, I don't poke my nose in others private matter, unless absolutely necessary and expect the same from the other side.

19. I am an ardent fan of girls with good dressing sense than the good looking girls.

20. I don't run after people or things, even if they mean a lot to me. I allow them to let go if situation demands it.


  1. You are the next Mr. Narcissus! Note it down sir.

    Oh, and don't put a snivelling stare when I quip.

  2. knowing few things about self is not narcissism sir..:P

  3. I knew all these abt u hamesha se....tere shakal hi kuch aise hi mere bhai :P

  4. Very awesome Mani...
    absolutely gr88 !!!!

  5. Pankaj?? :-O gmail tar use kar be :P

  6. awesome introspection dude, u r on a journey towards urself, keep it up.

  7. only 20 facts for a complicated prsn lik u..err..nt fair!8,10 and 15 simply rock n reflect d vry much truth.m skeptical abt 17. :P newaz a head start.

  8. @diya-the less about it,the better :P n 17 holds true.U can personally verify that :)