Monday, June 22, 2009


“I think you need to come on weekends Manoj, this has gone much beyond I expected but we (you?) need to keep in mind the deadlines.” 

These inspirational(?)words from my manager have now become an integral part of my life! My day now starts with a phone call (I don't even bother to look at the screen for the name)waking me up and asking to come to office and ends with another asking me the status. No matter how much you curse yourself, and struggle with the technical stuff, this bloody work just doesn't get any end. Now every security guard knows me by face having that “oh-poor-boy-may-god-save-you” kinda look on his face and I have the confidence to beat any murderer visiting the court in terms of visiting my dear office!

Working from 10 to 10 (Include weekends. I’m serious) gives me enough courage to be jealous of any IT professional on the earth. It boost your confidence if you are getting rewarded for your work. But not in terms of my manger’s definition of reward, which is again a bunch (or tons)of work!

How you spell it??F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K? P-U-B?  N-I-G-H-T-L-I-F-E? Sounds like out of syllabus. The things, I think, not made for “a-forced-to-be-workaholic” like me. People curse themselves for having wasted money on things like phone or shopping. Take my words folks! Grab and enjoy it as much as you can. Because you will never know how worst your life can get. Unlike others, I curse myself for having same balance in my mobile at the end of the month. Most of the time I don't get time even to call anyone, let alone other stuff. And by mercy of my work and studies, if I ever get that opportunity to call someone near and dear, A cute female voice replies with ”this number does not exist, indirectly yelling at me, "You dumb-ass, It's been ages since you called on that number !" Gosh, Would u call it a..., I don't know what sophisticated people call it, but for me, it’s a fucking bitchy life.

But things don’t end here. For you are a born bellicose, despite your ass falling down day by day and your stamina and confidence at their peak (the down side), you still want to study to get into a business school. Now why on the earth I need to do this? But some people like torturing themselves in every aspects, and I guess I top the list ! So that eats (grrr..poor choice of words) "FUCKS" almost my entire night and on the new day, the old routine continues. Sleep becomes something that you dream of. It becomes something you will easily give your right arm for.

At some point in time, I feel like throwing away everything and going to Himalayas. But I very well know my manager won’t let that happen until I satisfy this Tapaswi. Again stupid advises like “Quit the job and prepare for MBA Mani” never stop bombarding on you. Cool, advice accepted, but then who on the earth will finance me in next one year of preparation. You? So finally you refuse both the extremities and allow things to descend into an anarchy, developing a mind of Zombie. And one fine day, it strikes you! You realize that things such as chatting and partying are all Mohamaya. You achieve a state of nirvana and wait for the Moksha !
Everyday I plead, “Oh deity, please help me”. So frustrated Godness one day replied,
“Come out of autism and face the reality son. I don’t know much of LINUX and C++ otherwise I would have helped you!”

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