Friday, May 15, 2009

Need or Greed ?

You have money, luxuries and everything you want, perhaps more than you deserve at the age of 22.
It has been said by someone, "If you really want to enjoy your life, forget the past and try to be in present". Well, but there come certain situations when you really need to sit back and think over the deeds that you had done to be in the present ! Struggle to achieve more and more in life and hallucination of being happy afterwords is not the person's nature. You may object, being greedy or not is in our hands. But if you can't distinguish between Need and Greed then may be it's  not your fault! 

From childhood, we always find ourselves struggling and the process is still going on, when we were in school, we were assured that once we get into a good college, life will get settled. Having accepted it as our elder's advice, you burn our asses and try to score maximum, entering into a good college. Were you satisfied? The process takes no longer time to repeat itself. In PUC, you do it to get into engineering or some other crap field, in engineering, you do it for campus and finally you find yourself in one of the best MNCs, does that end your struggle? No, It goes on until one fine day you find yourself in the grave yard. I agree, these are essential things in life and cut-throat competition has made them a need. But the way I changed from a very simple person to a "No-feeling-for-others" type of professional adroit was my need or greed? I would never be able to answer it. The world will crush you, if you are a good-hearten, emotional or sort of. No one  remembers you unless he/she wants you for some reason and it's a bitter truth. So just to protect ourselves, we need to put a mask of a cunning, diplomatic animal, though you strongly feel that it's against your principles. But the very feeling will never make you happy if you have changed for need and not for greed !


  1. i completely agree wid ur point "no one really remember you unless he/she wants you for some reason and it's a bitter truth."

    nice article.

  2. ?May I know who are you? Thank u by d way! :)